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Enhancements to the Wilderness Park Trailheads are needed to provide visitors a safe and welcoming experience and useful information about the area they are about to explore. Improvements to existing trailheads include kiosks (with maps, trail etiquette, history, and description of the area), wayfinding signage, seasonal portable restrooms where possible, additional picnic tables, programmable solar lighting, parking lot grading, parking bollards, and concrete pads for ADA parking. Following is a brief description of each trailhead.

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West side of 14th Street between Yankee Hill Road and Rokeby Road. Expanded parking for horse trailers, with multi-use trails running north, southeast, and west.

Pioneers Boulevard

North side of Pioneers Boulevard between South 1st and 8th Streets. Large open picnic area, access to Jamaica North Trail.

Old Cheney

North side of Old Cheney Road between First Street and Hunts Drive. This trailhead provides access to the iconic suspension bridge (head south on the trail), the Jamaica North Trail and some of the best birding in the park.


East side of 1st Street between Pioneers Boulevard and Old Cheney Road. Equestrian trailhead with suitable parking space for trailers and access to horse trails. Multi-use trails provide an opportunity for looping, with routes extending all the way south to the Saltillo Trailhead.


West side of 14th Street between Yankee Hill Road and Rokeby Road. Expanded parking for horse trailers, with multi-use trails running north, southeast and west.

Day Camp

West side of First Street between Calvert Street and Park Boulevard. (Watch for the Wilderness Park Day Camp sign.) Paved parking lot with a short walk to a large sunny meadow, fitness loop, access to Bison Trail and Salt Creek Levee Trail.


Southeast corner of First Street and West Calvert. Showcases historic arches, the original entry feature to Epworth Lake Park, and provides access to Salt Creek shore.

GPTN Connector

The trailhead is unique in that it is accessible only by the Jamaica North Trail or Densmore Park (which includes parking), has views of the active railroad tracks, and a historical marker detailing the Rock Island Wreck Site of 1894.

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